Some quick facts before meeting with your notary.

Are you open right now, can i come to your office?

We do not have an actual walk in business location. We are only a mobile notary service that comes to you. If you are not comfortable having us come to your house, we are happy to meet you at an open Coffee Shop or Restaurant.


However if required,  we can receive documents via email or file share (i.e. DropBox, OneDrive, GoogleDrive, etc) and print them for you, and bring them to your signing. A small printing fee  of $0.25 per page, will apply.

What Identification do I need?

Please be prepared beforehand to have valid Identification. Valid Identification is a State Issued drivers´ license(s) or passport(s) for each signer and witness. A valid drivers license is an unexpired license, or if one is expired that it was not issued more than five years prior. A passport is acceptable.

Can you meet me at my Doctors office?

If you are utilizing us for your international adoption process, and require us to meet with your doctor to notarize their signature on the health forms, it is very important that you advise the doctor and/or the doctors office ahead of time, as well as when you’re checking in. That way if the doctor needs to review any of your information with you, this can be done privately between you and the doctor.

Some other quick facts:

  • Parties signing must understand what they are signing and doing so of their own free will.
  • We are not Lawyers and cannot give legal advice. We can not explain the documents; If you have questions please find out the answer before we arrive.
  • We can not tell you what type of notarization you need. If the party advising you to have a document notarized and does not have the required notarial wording/place for notarization, you need to find out from the party requesting the notarize document what type of wording is required, or we will show you some document types and you will need to choose.  We will note that you have chosen, and are not liable if the incorrect document was chosen.
  • If witness(es) are required please make arrangements to have them present when the notary arrives.
  • Notary mobile traveling fee’s are not specified as part of the notarization, please see our services page about our travelling fees to your area.
  • We make appointments to insure that we have enough time to perform your notarization and our travel time is built in to that appoinment.  We can wait for 15 minutes for your appointment, but anything longer will either incur a waiting fee or need to cancel the appointment with the travel charge incurred. Our waiting fee is $15/20 minutes.